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What’s up Wednesday: Invalid email addresses

In our new video series “What’s up Wednesday,” we’ll give you a quick video overview of a concept that we often get questions about at Experian Data Quality.

What’s up with…invalid email addresses? Have you ever thought about how many email addresses you collect annually? Invalid email addresses could be costing you big bucks.

Poor email validation practices can lead to huge challenges for your email marketing program. Continuously sending to invalid email addresses can not only cause serious damage to your sender reputation, it can also mean you’re missing out on potential revenue that would have been otherwise attributed to your email marketing channel.

Email verification can help you significantly decrease the number of invalid email addresses you’re sending to, and ensure you’re reaching your intended audience quickly and effectively. Email is the most important marketing channel today, so your organization can’t afford any missteps. Integrating an email verification solution will lead to improved marketing performance and a greater ROI.