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Wide support seen for email marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
With social networks emerging as the new outreach tool on the market, it could be tempting to declare email an outdated technology. A recent round of studies and articles, however, have refuted the point. The latest to proclaim email outreach alive and well was marketing group ekmResponse and its product manager, Matthew Allingham.

"Email is the ultimate 'take it anywhere' communications tool, and is much more direct and accessible. It’s a key part of everyone's online session, with new messages always generating a level of intrigue that can't be matched by social media updates," Allingham said.

Business 2 Community recently reported on premature declarations of the death of email, stating that the perceived end of the technology has been ongoing for 10 years. The source noted that critics proclaimed the end of widespread .edu addresses for students and some companies' hesitance to sell through email as death knells for the industry - claims refuted by continued growth in marketing investment.

With email still a force on the electronic communication scene, tools to ensure that the systems are operating at peak efficiency could be critical for companies. Keeping contact data quality high could represent the difference between an effective and wasted campaign, highlighting the importance of email address verification applications.