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Widely applicable lessons can improve email marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Email marketing can be the best way to reach out to customers. It comes with numerous caveats and best practices, however. Many experts have sought to explain it in several innovative ways, including Media Post contributor Loren McDonald, who decided to adapt tips for green businesses to the field.

One of the major suggestions McDonald offered was that companies learn to live with and accept slight mistakes and disappointments on the way to return on investment. She stated that, while companies may want to launch incredibly detailed and personalized email messages, with many complex variables, they should usually start small. She suggested using simple messages and upgrading from there.

Some firms may never reach complex and detailed messages, however, because of data quality problems. Without systems such as deduplication software and general data management programs, companies could have an unruly database incapable of delivering personalized performance.

Another email marketing tip from Business 2 Community's John Hayes urged marketing leaders to avoid lists of contact information from suspicious or untrustworthy sources. He noted that using information from customers unconnected to a company's own product can earn that firm a reputation as a spammer.