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With greater data collection capabilities, quality becomes paramount

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The speed of collection and volume of data in the current business world is creating major challenges for enterprises in every sector. According to a white paper from The Data Warehousing Institute, organizations need to be more committed to maintaining data quality with a combination of policies and deduplication software and other technological solutions.

According to the company's calculations, data quality issues create more than $600 billion in expenses for businesses. However, while this figure may seem disheartening, there are means for organizations to overcome the weighty task of sorting and verifying large amounts of information, particularly with data quality tools.

"The good news is that achieving high-quality data is not beyond the means of any company," Wayne Eckerson, the report author and the company's director of education and research, writes. "The keys are to treat data as a strategic corporate resource; develop a program for managing data quality with a commitment from the top; and hire, train or outsource experienced data quality professionals to oversee and carry out the program."

In addition to solutions that can assist in email validation and postal address verification, there are also technologies that can help with a wide variety of other types of data, such as consumer behavior histories or internal information, Eckerson notes.