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Workers 'take risks with data management'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
It has been suggested that employees are taking risk when it comes to data management.

Steve Holford, marketing director at Fasthosts Internet, said that "too many workers are taking risks with work-related data".

However, he explained that a lack of a data management strategy from their employer could be the cause.

"There is clearly a lot of inconsistency within workforces and so businesses are being put unnecessarily at risk," he said.

Mr Holford added: "Significantly, most workers surveyed are expected to determine their own method for transferring data off-site, and are free to make their own arrangements for its storage whilst off-site.

"Particularly at home or when travelling, this can often lead to complacency and so a real risk to the business."

The comments follow research from Fasthosts, which revealed that 37 per cent of office workers surveyed have taken a slack approach to data security when outside of the office.