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Working at a socially responsible company: What makes Experian Data Quality stand out?

This October I participated in my third 60 mile walk for breast cancer. The event raises awareness and funds for breast cancer research and screening. As the daughter of a survivor, this event and the cause are very close to my heart. The walk is a life-changing experience, full of inspiration and remembrance. Each year I am most impressed by the support I receive from my community.

What does this have to do with Experian Data Quality? Participation in the walk is not only a large financial commitment (with fundraising minimum of $2,300), but also a huge time commitment, for both training and the actual walk itself (requiring travel this year to Atlanta, GA). I am thankful to work for a company that positions itself in part of my support community. Experian Data Quality allowed for me to take the time off needed to travel to and participate in the event showing their dedication to having socially responsible employees. Additionally, 43 percent of donors to my fundraising efforts came from Experian Data Quality employees, including senior management and peers both on and off my team.

Many companies have social responsibility committees with strategic plans, with initiatives that often include company sponsored and organized days of service, food and clothing drives, volunteer events and fundraisers. Experian Data Quality is amongst the list of companies that value the importance social responsibility with quarterly charity fundraisers, team volunteer events, companywide volunteer days and partnerships with local organizations. However, Experian Data Quality goes above and beyond by empowering employees to give time to organizations they are also personally passionate about. I am proud to work for a company that supports my commitment to my job as well as my commitment to my community.