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Worldwide data stores benefit from cleansing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
When firms deploy software systems such as business intelligence for the global operations, they need to take special precautions. Purchasing options such as the cloud have made it easier than ever to add programs that span the world, meaning there is a greater need than ever to cope with these decisions. According to BeyeNETWORK contributor Murali Nandini, data quality is a key part of that process.

Nandini specified that companies should be "rigorous" in their use of data quality tools when seeking to implement one BI structure throughout a worldwide business. He encouraged the creation of both local data teams to create regional repositories and a worldwide team meant to impose general rules on the information as a whole.

According to Nandini, a widespread knowledge and understanding to do with business information and how it is used is another important component when taking BI global.

The need to develop worldwide BI programs will likely be strong in the next few years. A recent Aberdeen study noted that firms have largely moved beyond the challenges of collecting and storing immense and high-speed data and have begun to shift their focus to taking meaningful information from it.