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Worrying quality issues with big data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Big data analytics is sweeping IT-savvy companies. The power to analyze sets of information that were previously impenetrable is impressive, and the systems have earned their media attention by demonstrating their value. However, there have been issues with this new tech area, including questions about data quality. IT Business Edge contributor Loraine Lawson summed up some of these worries.

According to Lawson, it is troubling that companies in the utilities and public services sectors admitted in a recent Oracle survey that they are uncertain how to use big data. She explained that moving ahead with data efforts despite a lack of understanding is bad news for their customers or, in the case of government agencies, for taxpayers.

Lawson explained that these data issues are classic data management and quality problems occurring in the new realm of big data analytics. She suggested that any company without strong management procedures start gradually moving toward understanding immediately.

Other tech experts have observed quality problems tied to big data. Information Management's Jim Harris and industry insider Daragh O'Brien explained that while companies are focused on taking in more data, they could also dedicate energy to making sure what they have is usable.