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ZIP Code data reveals most expensive areas

Rachel Wheeler Archive
ZIP Code data has been used to reveal the most expensive residential areas of the US, with Alpine, New Jersey reaching the top of the list.

Figures from Altos Research reveal that properties in Alpine are going for an average asking price of $4.14 million, but although it is the most expensive in the country the figure is nearly 25 per cent lower than last year as a result of the global downturn, reports Forbes.

Atherton in California and Greenwich Village in New York comprise the rest of the top three in the list, although asking prices in the latter have fallen by a similar figure to Alpine.

The recession has caused some major changes in the data, with zip code verification showing that less than half of the 50 most expensive ZIP Codes on the list are in California this year, whereas the figure stood at 96 per cent last year.

In other news, ZIP Code data is being used by WSIL TV Ameren in Illinois to provide updates on regional power outages via consumer mobile devices.