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ZIP code issues resulting in city bills for rural Oklahoma

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Issues with zip codes in Oklahoma are resulting in residents outside city limits still being charged urban taxes despite not benefiting from the relevant services.

The extent of the problem remains largely unknown as the sums involved are relatively small, but Sue McLoud lives in rural Hughes County outside Holdenville and has found she is being charged a city sales tax on her home phone bill, reports the Oklahoman.

Ms McLoud's zip code is the same as that used by residents in Holdenville, despite her property lying beyond the city boundaries, and she had to contact tax officials to help with address verification and secure a tax rebate.

She told the paper: "I live outside Holdenville. I don't receive city services or vote in their elections. It's not fair that I should have to pay their taxes."

The Hughes County resident warned others to check the taxes on their phone bills to make sure they are not being overcharged.

In other news, address verification will be needed from people using a new 911 text service in Black Hawk County, Iowa, by including a zip code, reports Information Week.