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ZIP Code 'limbo' for Tennessee residents

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Residents of a region of Tennessee that has no official title could be given a new ZIP Code as part of an effort to give the area a greater sense of community.

South Nashville residents living in an area between Brentwood and Antioch have seen their area unofficially named 'Brentioch' - an amalgamation of the two nearby towns.

Now, they could be given an official name and receive their own ZIP Code, which would require businesses to update their address data when sending direct mail to people living in the region.

The Tennessean reports that there is currently a divide among the people living in the area over whether the region should be renamed or not, but the problems endured in the community have been repeated across the US in recent times.

As populations and communities continue to grow, questions over ZIP Code boundaries are becoming increasingly common.

Some areas are eager to change their ZIP Codes, with authorities concerned that they could be losing tax revenue because properties and businesses that are working nearby have been given a different ZIP Code.