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ZIP Code software boosts property search

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A property company in Texas has announced the creation of a new search facility on its website that uses zip code software to help house-hunters find the perfect location. has revealed the launch of the new service, which it hopes will encourage more people in the region to use its lettings facility to advertise and rent out property in Texas.

"In the Houston area, ZIP Code searches have always been our most popular request from renters using our service and throughout the state, ZIP Code search requests are extremely common," explained Nick Barber, president of the organization.

"So when we decided to overhaul our website and apartment search tool, we knew that devoting an entire section to ZIP Code apartment listings was necessary."

A high standard of data quality will be needed to ensure the website retains accurate and contains relevant information about the ZIP Codes and the properties within them.

Meanwhile, insurance companies may not be able to use ZIP Codes in the future to establish premiums for car insurance.

A new bill is currently making its way through the Senate that would stop insurance firms using such data if it is passed, the Badger Herald reports.