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ZIP Code software gives weather and traffic updates

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new device has been released which allows users to get real-time weather and traffic updates for any ZIP Code in the country.

The latest version of Traffic Info Map USA uses the Yahoo! Traffic RSS feed to update its information quickly based on the user's area of travel.

As some districts in the US are more remote than others, C0deart, the makers of the product, has "resolved this by supplying a convenient ZIP Code checker on their website".

This feature "details what coverage is available for the ZIP Code a traveler is going to. Coverage is then known before hitting the road," according to company owner Abdel H Salem-Atia.

The program also incorporates a ZIP Code finder in order for users to access information on other cities or districts as well as that of their current location.

Available on the iPhone as an application, users will be able to see their altitude, expected visibility range and the current humidity levels as well as traffic updates for major roads in their area.