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ZIP Code software to be used for 911 texts

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new service being designed to allow residents in Black Hawk County, Iowa, to send 911 messages by text could use zip code software for address verification.

Residents subscribing to the regional i wireless program will be able to send 911 alerts by text messages if they need to, although they will need to include their zip codes so that their location can be traced, reports Information Week.

The service is being launched to cater for situations where people may need emergency services but are unable to speak, while many children believe emergency responses by text are already available.

One problem at the moment is that people who are not subscribed to the i wireless program will simply get a message back telling them to dial 911, but local authorities are addressing the issue by looking for the involvement of additional carriers.

In other news, address verification will be undertaken to confirm details in two Pennsylvania townships to avoid confusion when emergency services respond to calls in the region, reports the Ponoco Record.