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ZIP Code software to help recovery website

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The US government's plans to provide help and advice to businesses and individuals struggling with the global recession includes the use of a website that utilizes zip code software., the website being used to promote and enhance the Obama administration's package of measures aimed at helping the country beat the downturn, allows users to enter their ZIP Codes to find out local information.

Businesses seeking to beat the recession may also be keen to utilize ZIP Code information at the moment, using address data to formulate direct mail campaigns that can bring powerful results.

Many organizations are looking to use direct mail as a way of keeping in touch with clients and customers during the recession and keep them loyal.

However, direct marketing campaigns will prove most effective if high data quality is maintained so that information and packages are not sent to old or incorrect addresses.

The US government is looking at a variety of measures to help tackle the current economic downturn in the country, with experts suggesting that the money from the rescue packages is now beginning to filter into the wider economy.