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Zip code software used for new wine experience website

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US consumers seeking to track down their nearest wine bar could benefit from a brand new version of the website.

The site uses zip code software to help users find out information on BYOB restaurants, wine tastings and retailers closest to where they live.

It lists all the major locations throughout Chicago and in the suburbs, helping wine connoisseurs to meet like-minded people and organise social occasions.

Michael Siegler, founder of WineMcGee, said: "Our goal is to help people have fun and continue to learn about wine and experience new things."

"We've created a site that is useful to everyone, not just wine connoisseurs."

The website also includes tools that allow individuals to review their favorite wines and bars and record their experiences.

Last month, a Geographic Information System team in Pueblo County, Colorado, used zip code software to provide the public with information on a range of subjects, from power tool purchase statistics to the number of registered dog owners in the region.