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ZIP Code software used to hire workers in San Diego Unified School District

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Workers from the most impoverished neighborhoods of San Diego will be prioritised for employment under the $2.1 billion facilities bond set out by San Diego Unified School District.

Zip code software is used to assess the most impoverished regions in the district and construction companies have agreed to take at least 35 per cent of their workforce from these areas to boost employment and therefore potentially boost the local standards of living, reports

Factors such as poverty figures and the number of children in the school district receiving free or discounted meals contribute to the data.

When construction companies move to recruit workers, it seems likely they will be closely monitored in their selection by community representatives.

In related news, recently reported that a Geographic Information System team in Pueblo County, Colorado, has been making use of zip code software to collate a range of statistical information over the past 20 years to help inform inquiries from members of the public.