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ZIP Code software used to provide outage updates

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A television station in Ameren, Illinois, is using zip code software to provide local residents with updates on when power outages are likely to be fixed.

Residents can use a handheld mobile device to visit WSIL TV Ameren's website at, where zip code verification is used to confirm where a resident is based and allow them to access updates on when power is likely to be restored in their area, reports WSIL

The system has been introduced as officials in the area say that a growing number of people and trying to get hold of information using a range of mobile devices when the power grid has a problem and leaves homes and businesses with no electricity.

Being stuck in a dark house with no easy access to information can be an unsettling experience, so the website also offers advice on what to do in such an event.

In related news, zip code software is used by the new Sony Reader Daily Edition to provide information of where the nearest library is so that the user can visit the website and download ebooks.