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ZIP Code software used to pursue energy efficiency

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new website is using ZIP Code software and address data to help people create comprehensive plans for reducing their energy consumption. analyzes address data gained when people input their ZIP Codes and combines this with energy and housing information, as well as data concerning specific climate zones, all of which it uses to formulate action plans customized to each user.

The website tracks users' progress and can also send out emails to offer reminders as to how residents can improve their performance.

Julia Glenn Carter, founder of the website, said: "Many of the actions set forth on the ZiptoGreen website can be easily implemented by most homeowners and do not involve a change in lifestyle or large investment."

She added that small actions from individuals can do a lot to reduce the national rate of energy consumption.

In other news, medical professionals in the cities of Minneapolis and St Paul in Minnesota are using ZIP Code software to analyze health trends in different regional neighborhoods, according to a report from Minnesota Public Radio.