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ZIP Code software used to source dirt in Philadelphia

Rachel Wheeler Archive
People in the metro region of Philadelphia looking to source dirt to fill a hole or a ravine, or for another purpose, could use

The new website has been set up to offer an online forum for people looking for dirt for a range of reasons and for people looking to get rid of any excess, while the site itself uses zip code software to help users locate each other.

A range of US cities are already served by the website, with users across the country taking advantage of the service for their construction or repair needs.

Kelby Bailey, vice-president for marketing of Cut and Fill, a firm that sponsors, said: " has been successfully serving our clients in Minneapolis, St Paul for ten years, Dallas, Fort Worth for three years and Seattle for the past two years."

In other news, WSIL TV Ameren in Illinois is using zip code verification to offer updates on regional power outages to mobile devices, reports WSIL