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Zip codes could be widely used for cell phone advertising

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Various forms of zip code verification could soon be used to display advertising on cell phones and to send local offers directly to individual handsets, reports Forbes.

Cell phone screens are generally less cluttered than web browsers on computers and so advertising banners can be more striking and more likely to catch the attention of the consumer.

In addition, more than ten per cent of US cell phone owners can access the web through their handset, while research firm M: Metrics found that half use text messaging on a regular basis.

As a result, companies like bed manufacturer Select Comfort have been using mobile networks to notify prospective customers of local deals using zip code software and texting money off vouchers.

Alexandre Mars, chief executive of Phonevalley and head of mobile at Publicis Groupe, told the news source: "The question is still the same. How can you do it big? When you are talking to clients, you have to be scalable."

Carrying out marketing campaigns by text message could prove more cost-effective, especially as a recent Oce Business Services survey found that two per cent of all letter and parcels come back as returned mail.