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Zip codes used to pinpoint properties for sale

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A real estate firm in the mid-west has adopted a new service that enables customers to use zip code software and other information to explore the housing market on their cell phone.

Ruhl and Ruhl Realtors has launched Mobile Ruhl as a way of connecting with customers more easily and by giving them fast access to a range of information on properties throughout certain regions of Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois.

While zip code verification is one search method on offer, customers can also use their cell phones or other handheld device to search for properties using information such as the number or bedrooms or a specific city.

Caroline Ruhl, president of Ruhl and Ruhl Realtors, said: "This new technology gives our clients the benefit of having all real estate listings right at their finger tips, whether at home, in the office or even in the car."

In related news, companies like MarketMaps and Maponics are developing ways to produce more accurate zip code information for direct marketers, reports DMNews.