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Corporate culture

Experian Data Quality has experienced tremendous growth over the years and built a unique company culture. As an organization, we place great importance on our people and the essential role they play in our success. We are a team of committed professionals who enjoy working and socializing together in a fast-moving but fun environment of mutual respect.

Core values

We have a common framework guiding our investment in people, which binds us together as an organization and enables us to have a common understanding of how we value our people.

These core values guide our training programs, our commitment to internal promotion, and our shared ability to solve problems. Innovation and hard work move our company forward. These values are qualities we embody, qualities we expect in new employees, and qualities that drive our success.

Experian Data Quality has 6 core values:

  • Integrity | do the right thing even when no one is looking
  • Accountability | be an owner, not a renter
  • Collaboration | embrace the challenge, share the win
  • Passion | harness the power from what excites you
  • Dedication | believe in your mission, see it through
  • Curiosity | be inquisitive, explore solutions

If you embody these values, we would strongly urge you to apply to work for Experian Data Quality. You'll be surrounded by others who feel the same way you do. At Experian Data Quality, we aim to continue our success and are committed to achieving this through developing our own people.

"Experian Data Quality is a great environment to work in. My co-workers are energetic and driven individuals who like to "Work Smart and Play Hard!" by promoting an environment of teamwork and individual accountability."

Thomas Shutz

What our employees say

A day in the life of an Experian Data Quality employee. Learn what it is like to work at Experian Data Quality. Hear about our culture, our core values and what it means to work smart and play hard.