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ALDO identified and corrected syntax and domain errors by verifying email address deliverability


ALDO collects email addresses at their brick and mortar stores, but wanted to ensure these addresses were valid and deliverable. The shoe and accessories retailer implemented Experian Data Quality's email data validation service to improve email accuracy and customer satisfaction. ALDO has seen an increase in their email list size, as well as a decline in bounce rate.

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ALDO is a leader in fashion footwear and accessories, with over 1,600 stores in the United States, Canada and around the globe. The retailer is dedicated to providing customers with quality and cutting-edge trends at affordable prices in stores and on their website.

ALDO communicates with customers via email and the retailer wanted to increase the size of their email subscriber database during the busy holiday season. The retailer launched a program to achieve this goal. Today, when a customer checks out at an ALDO store, the store representative asks the shopper if they’d like to receive email communications and offers from ALDO. ALDO then sends follow-up emails to customers, thanking them for their purchase and inviting them to finalize their profile on

A completed profile allows a shopper to indicate their preferences about the types of communication they prefer to receive. With more information about their customers, ALDO can send relevant and timely communications tailored to their specific preferences. ALDO uses a double-opt in strategy for email communications. So, when customers receive a welcome email, they again confirm that they would like to receive ALDO’s promotional emails about the latest footwear trends.


ALDO sought a solution that would ensure the accuracy of the email addresses captured by store associates without interrupting or slowing the checkout process for shoppers.


Experian Data Quality email services were used to correct syntax and domain errors, and check deliverability of email addresses of customers interested in receiving promotional offers from ALDO. Batch cleansing and processing of email addresses was implemented to clean emails on a consistent basis prior to the first email communication, while also improving email deliverability.


ALDO was concerned about the quality of emails collected in stores. The retailer also wanted to make sure that customers who provided their email address actually received the welcome email. Validating emails helped to encourage accurate data entry in stores.

A shoe-in solution

While ALDO wanted to increase the size of the database, the retailer had concerns about the accuracy of the email address data. ALDO wanted to provide an additional incentive for store associates to be diligent when collecting email addresses. This is where Experian Data Quality stepped in. ALDO looked to Experian Data Quality to help with email accuracy due to their existing relationship, since ALDO was already using QAS Pro Web to verify all mailing addresses during the checkout process on

Experian Data Quality email services were recommended to verify email address deliverability and identify and correct syntax and domain errors. The Experian Data Quality service was selected due to accurate results and fast transaction speeds. According to Director of IT, Alex Popov, ALDO has been very happy with the success of the email collection project. The retailer has seen an incremental increase in the number of accurate and deliverable emails in the database, and email bounce rates have declined.

Overall, the technical process, ease and speed of implementation, and results have left us very happy with this project.

ALDO increases email deliverability with Experian Data Quality

Alex Popov Director of IT, ALDO

ALDO has measured the email rejection rate to evaluate the employee contest results. With successful email correction, they’ve seen an incremental increase in the number of correct and deliverable emails collected by store associates. Verifying data before it enters the database has improved ALDO’s operational efficiencies.

Now, customers receive their emails right away, eliminating the need for data cleanup. And perhaps more importantly, this means that the retailer is delivering on its promise to customers, enhancing shoppers’ perception of the brand.

Popov noted, “We couldn’t imagine our website without address verification software. Overall, we’ve been very happy with the email project. It’s becoming an essential tool for us.”


ALDO found success with QAS Email. Director of IT Alex Popov reported that ALDO experienced “ease of implementation, strong results for email accuracy, and a reduced bounce rate.” As a result of using Experian Data Quality tools, ALDO now has greater confidence in the accuracy of emails collected at the point of sale.

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