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Census tract and carrier route data

Finding the right customers is key to any successful enterprise, and the more data you have about your clientele, the more successful your targeted marketing efforts will be. Census demographics by address provide some of the most comprehensive information about your prospective customers that is available today, and Experian Data Quality can give you the tools that will allow you to take full advantage of this information and use it to enhance your marketing efforts.

Census tract and carrier route data sets from Experian Data Quality can be used with our address verification software at the point of entry or on the back end. This additional data allows you to be more precise when targeting specific geographic regions because it allows you to operate based on solid data about address demographics. You will not market blindly anymore when you know the neighborhoods you are targeting and how best to tailor your service or product to the specific needs of the people who live in a particular area.

Benefits of census tract data

Using census tract data will enable your organization to:

  • Better understand your potential client base in each area that you want to target
  • Look up detailed neighborhood demographics by address
  • Segment and target markets based on census boundaries
  • Better anticipate client response because of what you learn about each targeted area and its demographics by address

Benefits of carrier route data

Using carrier route data will enable your organization to:

  • Send mail to a specific geographic area
  • Qualify for mailing discounts if 125 or more mail pieces go to the same carrier route
  • Save 50-60% on postage costs when mailing to at least 90% of the total residential addresses on a particular carrier route

Carrier route data is great for catalog and mail order operations, particularly in the retail sector, that send out bulk mail based on residential location. Couple this with what you have learned from your neighborhood address demographics and you will have a complete set of tools to help you increase your response rate and reduce client churn.

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