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Verify your class reunion mailing list

We'll clean your address list, you take care of the rest

Class reunions are all about revisiting old friendships, reminiscing, and sharing post-graduation successes. If you’re a member of a class reunion planning committee, your goal is to create an event that is fun, memorable, and the class reunion to end all class reunions.

But because attendance is critical to the realization of that dream, it is important that you reach as many of your former classmates as possible. For that reason, each alumnus should be sent a class reunion invite—which can be tricky if you haven’t seen or spoken to people in years. You have the best chance of reaching your  your fellow classmates when you use address verification services.

Clean a list of up to 1,200 addresses for just $50.

Our address verification solutions can help ensure that each and every address is accurate.

When sending to a group of your classmates, you’ll want to be sure that the addresses for your guest list is accurate. Unfortunately, addresses are prone to spelling errors and missing details that can result in delayed deliveries or other problems.

4 quick steps to cleaner, safer data

Upload your raw CSV data file

Receive a summary report by email

Pay using a credit card

Download your cleaned address list

Upload your address list now

Upload your file as a CSV or Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx). See our file format guide

Why should you verify your address list?

Reach your classmates

Our solutions make sure that the invitations you send can actually get to who you want. Your class reunion mailings have a better chance of reaching former classmates 

Save time and money

Address verification helps you save both money and time on returned mail. It is affordable and can easily fit your budget.


It's fast and easy

We made it easy to use—simply  upload the addresses for your college reunion invitations in a spreadsheet or from a guest list tool.