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Data Quality Solutions

Your ability to reach and communicate with your customer base is only as good as the quality of your contact data. That is why every business and organization needs a solid contact data management strategy in order to make sure that all contact information in your files is as up to date as possible.

At Experian Data Quality, we provide comprehensive customer data management programs that help our clients maintain the accuracy of their customer records and reduce the errors and additional costs associated with bad customer data. We offer the following programs for improving your contact data quality:

Contact data matching

Connect your customer data across all channels and systems in order to eliminate duplicate addresses and other redundancies. With fully customizable criteria, our contact data management software enables you to specify the fields to match and to perform other processes that give you an integrated customer view according to the unique needs of your business or organization.

Phone validation

To avoid fines and ensure that you are able to reach your customers, it is necessary that you collect only valid numbers and that you conform to the provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. When you use our phone validation services and software in your contact data management arsenal, you will be able to verify your phone numbers and take the steps necessary to improve your telemarketing campaign and comply with federal regulations.

Data enhancement

Good customer data management does not look only for address accuracy, but it also assists you in targeting your client base intelligently to increase sales and response. Our contact data quality software provides data enhancement that allows you to improve your contact with your customers on an individual basis.

Every contact data management strategy needs validation, deduplication and enrichment tools. Experian Data Quality offers industry-leading contact data management software solutions that cleanse, standardize and enhance your customer data.


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