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Data Quality Management

Revenue, reputation, regulation: There’s a lot on the line when it comes to your data.

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Whether you’re preparing for a data migration, looking to achieve reliable customer insight, or complying with regulation, you can rely on our data quality management solutions

What does data quality management mean?

With Experian, it means powerful data profiling, data discovery, data cleansing and enrichment, process orchestration, and the ability to run full-volume analyses, among other things. Getting insight into your business’s data is now easier and faster than ever before.

Our solutions allow you to seamlessly connect to hundreds of data sources to remove duplicates, correct errors, and standardize formats. With improved data quality, comes a more comprehensive view of your customers, business operations, and more.

Why invest in data quality management?

  • Create a holistic view of your data ecosystem
  • Standardize and transform data in different formats into your single source of truth
  • Connect disparate data sources for deeper business data insights
  • Get a comprehensive view of customers as well as the competitive landscape through the ability to append your data with Experian's industry-leading, curated datasets

Data quality management made easy

Experian’s solutions work intuitively and effortlessly, encouraging collaboration between users across your organization. Our proprietary underlying repository enables you to conduct profiling analysis and relationship discovery with incredible speed. Complex or disparate data processing tasks that used to take hours or even days to complete can be done in seconds with our all of our data quality management solutions.

We make data quality management even more efficient through our ability to integrate and house all of Experian's solutions in one platform. By profiling full volumes of data, Experian's Aperture Data Studio gives you unprecedented insight into all of your business’s information. Our data quality management software accepts data from a variety of sources. Whether you’re dealing with spreadsheets, Hadoop clusters, or relational databases, it’s the go-to solution for data management projects. 

Did you know...

of businesses struggle to implement a data governance program

of businesses say it is often difficult to predict when and where the next data challenge will arise
(compared to 64% in 2017)

of companies have a data management project planned in the next 12 months

of businesses think responsibility for data quality should ultimately lie within the business with occasional help from IT

* Source: 2018 global data management benchmark report

Intelligent business decisions are powered by quality data. Take our online assessment to get your data quality sophistication score.

Building a data management program doesn’t have to be complicated.

In our white paper, we discuss the process in three simple and straightforward steps.

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data quality management strategy

Master your data quality management strategy with the right data quality tools

Once Experian was fully bedded down as a part of Schroders' investment operations capabilities, the rewards soon became apparent. Not only did Experian identify short-term system fixes, but it also highlighted the challenges that the existing systems faced in order to provide high-quality, timely data for the investment process, which led to further discussions around future data strategy and architecture upgrades.

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Mike Law - Head of Investment Data, Schroders Bank

Maintaining data quality is critical to making the best business decisions for your customers. Make it easier it with one data quality platform


Having a more complete understanding of your organization’s data assets enables better decision-making through accurate, automated, and streamlined business processes.

Whether you’re working on specific data quality initiatives or building a full-scale data governance program, our platform is an essential piece of your data management puzzle. With Experian, you can analyze, improve, and control your data so you can make better data-driven decisions. Want more information? Talk with a member of our team.