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Experian Match

Experian Match is an innovative data matching and linkage API, working alongside your enterprise technology to bring disparate identities together. A powerful and flexible rule set puts you in control of matching decisions, making it easily adaptable to meet a variety of business needs.

Experian Match supports the creation and maintenance of a single customer view:


  • Locate duplicates within existing systems
  • Establish linkage across data silos
  • Supplement decision-making and risk management with data enrichment


  • Prevent creation of duplicate records at source
  • Trap and cascade data changes across your organisation


  • 360-degree view of your customers
  • Support marketing automation, bringing together online and offline assets
  • Service subject access requests quickly

How does Experian Match work?

Experian Match is a powerful REST API designed to be deployed to your own servers. The API comes packaged with an underlying Standardization service which will need to be installed, licensed and running alongside your deployment.

The Experian Match user guide has detailed instructions on how to get up and running as well as full interactive API documentation through Swagger-ui.

Once you're deployed and set up you can start making your requests to the API, no integration required to get going.

1. Establish your match store

  • Set up your session by configuring your data source, output, match store, rules and blocking keys
  • Run your matching job with your desired configuration to create a match store with all your clustered records
  • You can now output your cluster IDs to establish your single customer view

2. Maintain your match store

  • Add, update or delete a record from the built match store with transactional updates
  • Keep the data in your match store in line with any changes to your source data

3. Search your match store

  • Search the built match store for target records
  • Bring back all available records for a single entity with just one search request