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Experian Match release notes


Jun 22, 2018

Experian Match API v2.9.1

This release introduces COMPANY as a new input type and includes some general bug fixes.


New input type: 

  • COMPANY has been added as an input type and can be used to explicitly define organization fields on input rather than being inferred from the ADDRESS field.

Address standardization: 

  • A new version of data (4.1.3) is available for Standardize.
  • This includes significant improvements for German and Italian addresses.

Bug fixes

Transactional updates: 

  • Where an update or delete results in a cluster of two records being split, both records now correctly display unique cluster IDs and a match level of NO MATCH.
  • Deleting a single record from a two record cluster now correctly displays an outcome of DELETE_RECORD and not DELETE_CLUSTER.

Match quality improvements: 

  • Record pairs are now classified as NONE instead of POSSIBLE matches where only the surname and locality OR surname and postcode matches.
  • The Postcode.StandardSpelling field is now always populated and allows matching between postcodes supplied on input or derived from town and locality.
  • Matching is now improved for addresses containing slashes. E.g. “2/L, 10 Morningside Drive, Edinburgh, EH10”.


Jun 1, 2018

Experian Match API v2.9.0

This release improves performance, adds new tuned rules for USA as well as refining rules for existing countries.


Performance improvements: 

  • Rules execution is now 25% faster after improvements in the evaluation of rules.
  • The new default blocking keys will result in improved performance when matching on individuals. The exact performance improvement will vary depending on the shape of the data being processed.
  • The new record hash comparison will result in improved performance where duplicate records are textually exact. The exact performance improvement will vary depending on the shape of the data being processed.
  • Address Standardization can now be bypassed where the data has been previously standardized. This will result in a 30-40% performance improvement, if used.
  • The default rules have been refined to minimize the time needed to score two records.

Rules changes: 

  • Rule evaluation has been simplified to allow for hierarchical evaluation i.e. {Theme}.Exact implies {Theme}.Close and a positive result from the Exact rule would mean that Close is also true, and will not be evaluated.
  • Default rules are now available for USA
  • Default rules for all countries now allow for a change of surname in matching.
  • A new HASH blocking key and rule comparator has been added to allow for exact textual comparison of records.

Address standardization: 

  • A new version of data is available for Standardize, this is 4.1.2.
  • This includes significant improvements for:
    • USA addresses
    • Italian addresses
  • Standardization can now be bypassed where the data has been pre-standardized by Experian Batch.

Breaking changes

Experian Match 2.9.0 is not compatible with Aperture Data Studio 1.1. Please upgrade to Aperture Data Studio 1.1.4 or later.


Mar 29, 2018

Experian Match API v2.7.1

This release adds a new data connector, input types and performance improvements, alongside general fixes and improved clustering.


  • Improved clustering of low confidence matched records.
  • Email and Phone data types added.
  • JMS input and output connectors added. This will allow the use of message queues such as ActiveMQ.
  • A new system status endpoint has been added which exposes information on the current licensing status.
  • Intermediary match stores can be optionally purged on job completion.
  • Jobs can be queued if one is already running and cancelled if queued or running.
  • Performance improvements for GDQ Standardize, resulting in a 25% improvement for Match jobs.
  • Improvements to the performance of transactional Add/Update operations.

Breaking changes

Any existing integrations with Match will have to be updated to account for the following changes: 

  • GDQ Standardize will need to be updated to version 4.0.0. New prerequisite: .NET Framework 4.6.2.
  • The job state of “STARTED” has been changed to “PENDING”. A processing job will continue to have the state of “RUNNING”.
  • Licensing has changed and a new license key will be supplied. Please refer to the licensing information in the documentation for details.


Dec 12, 2017

Experian Match API v2.4.0

This release adds performance and stability improvements allowing for higher capacity processing, alongside general fixes and better default matching behaviour.

In addition, Match now allows the configuration of grouped elements of any input type opening up the ability to process multiple names, addresses and/or generic elements.


  • Stability improvements when processing large inputs.
  • Grouping ability allows multiple names, addresses and other generic input fields to be matched.
  • Updated rules and resources for UK and Australia leading to higher country address match coverage.
  • Stored Blocking Keys are stored securely using SHA-256 hashing.
  • New API method for retrieving default blocking keys per country.
  • Granular name elements, including Forenames and Surname can now be specified in input.
  • Better handling of non-alphabetic characters in Field group names.
  • Improvements to cancelled/failed job error handling.

Breaking changes

Any existing integrations with Match will need to be updated to account for the following changes: 

  • Search and Transactional operations will fail against existing Match Stores due to the new salt and hash of blocking keys. Consult the documentation for how to turn off hashing to continue using your existing sessions, or alternatively recreate your Match store.
  • Existing Match rules that include field groups for multiple generic strings will need to be prefixed by the field group name with a hash symbol e.g.


    Must now be written as


    This hash notation only applies to the field group when it is used in the rules; no changes are required to the blocking keys or input field mappings.


Sept 15, 2017

Experian Match API v2.0.0

The latest version of Experian Match adds the ability to perform transactional updates against a match store.  Allowing users to synchronise the match store with operational systems, maintain linkage across data silos and trap and cascade contact data changes across the organisation. 


  • Match store can be maintained over time through a set of add, delete and update REST API requests.
  • Addition of Date data type for matching.
  • New API methods for configuring blocking keys
  • Addition of blocking key statistics to improve performance tuning
  • Clustering algorithm updated to produce optimal clusters where multiple potential matches/clusters exist
  • Support for different match rules for real time search and initial build of the match store
  • Improved logging for standardisation errors
  • Support for encrypted SQL Server data stores

Breaking changes

Any existing integrations with Match will need to be updated to account for the following changes:

  • The Match API is now at version 2. All API calls will need to be changed to v2 instead of v1.  Additionally, blocking key ids are now required when creating a session endpoint.
  • The match store schema has been altered. New tables have been added and the INDEX table has been modified.  It is required that the match store is re-created from scratch.