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Aperture Data Studio

Aperture Data Studio is a powerful and easy to use data management suite that delivers fit for purpose data and insight in minutes. The platform can be installed quickly and used immediately by IT, non-technical business users as well as data professionals for:

  • data profiling and discovery,
  • data cleansing and enrichment,
  • ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Aperture Data Studio offers a workflow designer that enables continuous data quality and monitoring in a production environment. It also helps automate data preparation and ensures data quality for analytics and BI projects. Furthermore, Aperture Data Studio is data agnostic and provides insight quickly, irrespective of where the source data lives.

Install Data Studio

Aperture Data Studio is a self-contained web-based application which runs on most java-compliant operating systems on commodity hardware. It takes full advantage of 64-bit architectures, and is multi-threaded and linearly scalable. 

View our technical recommendations before installation.

Install Aperture Data Studio

Once the installation is complete: 

1. Go to http://localhost:7701/apps/aperture-data-studio/index.html or use the Experian Aperture Data Studio Home shortcut from the desktop.

2. When prompted, enter your username/password. By default, a single user with administrative rights is available. To log in as this user, enter administrator/administrator.

3. Start using Aperture Data Studio! Check out the user guide for details.


You can also install ODBC drivers.

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