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Experian Match release notes

Release 1.3

Sept 15, 2017

Experian Match API v2.0.0

The latest version of Experian Match adds the ability to perform transactional updates against a match store.  Allowing users to synchronise the match store with operational systems, maintain linkage across data silos and trap and cascade contact data changes across the organisation. 


  • Match store can be maintained over time through a set of add, delete and update REST API requests.
  • Addition of Date data type for matching.
  • New API methods for configuring blocking keys
  • Addition of blocking key statistics to improve performance tuning
  • Clustering algorithm updated to produce optimal clusters where multiple potential matches/clusters exist
  • Support for different match rules for real time search and initial build of the match store
  • Improved logging for standardisation errors
  • Support for encrypted SQL Server data stores

Breaking changes

Any existing integrations with Match will need to be updated to account for the following changes:

  • The Match API is now at version 2. All API calls will need to be changed to v2 instead of v1.  Additionally, blocking key ids are now required when creating a session endpoint.
  • The match store schema has been altered. New tables have been added and the INDEX table has been modified.  It is required that the match store is re-created from scratch.