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The information on this page is only applicable to Experian Pandora versions 5.8.0 and later. For an earlier version of this document, contact Technical support.


The Experian Pandora REST API provides a number of options for interacting with the product programmatically.

Note that this functionality is only available with Experian Pandora v5.8.0 and later.

The primary function is to use the API to manage your datasource connections. For example you can:

  • List all connections
  • Get data for a specific connection
  • Create or delete a connection
  • Get a list of tables for a connection
  • Load a table for a connection


Requests to the API are authenticated using Experian Pandora credentials.

All requests require user and pwd query parameters. E.g.

GET http://localhost:7900/object/datasource?user=<your username>&pwd=<your password>

API reference

The Experian Pandora REST API reference defines the available resources, parameters and the expected response values. The documentation assumes that the default port for the API has not changed. Any example requests will need to be amended if this has been changed.

Note that you may encounter errors when attempting to use the "try it out" functionality. This is caused by the API being hosted locally. The API will function as expected and any code or cURL requests will work fine.