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Experian Address Validation and Global Intuitive (REST v2) - went live on 2nd April 2020

Download certificate for Experian Address Validation and Global Intuitive (REST v2)

Address Validate SOAP - went live on 30th April 2020

Download certificate for Address Validate SOAP

Electronic Updates - went live on 9th June 2020

Download certificate for Electronic Updates

Some of our product names are changing

From the 13th of July, 2020, we're changing some of our product names to simplify and streamline our portfolio. 

While there will be no impact to our service or the delivery of our products, the new names will be reflected in all legal documents and on our sites and portals. Please note that you may still see the current product names until the end of 2020.

Current name

New name (from Jul 13th, 2020)

Address Validate (REST v1)

Address Validation (REST v1)

Address Validate (REST v2), Global Intuitive

Address Validation (REST v2)

Address Validate (SOAP), Pro On Demand

Address Validation (SOAP)

Email Validate - Real Time

Email Validation

Email Validate - Batch

Automated Batch Email Validation

Aperture Email Validation

Experian Email Validation

Global Mobile Validate

Phone Validation

Aperture Phone Validation

Experian Phone Validation

Phone Validate USA

Phone Validation (North America v1)

Clean Web Services 

Clean API


EDQ for MS Dynamics

QAS for Oracle

EDQ for Oracle

QAS for Salesforce

EDQ for Salesforce

Aperture Enrichment

Experian Enrichment

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