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Aperture Data Studio

Tutorials and support

This series of videos help you get the best out of our data management platform, Aperture Data Studio. The videos cover everything from loading and profiling your data, to organising the workflows you have created.

Loading and Profiling Data


Learn how to connect to data sources, preview and configure data sets and run Aperture Data Studio’s powerful profiling options.

Organising Workflows


Learn how to quickly build sophisticated workflows that graphically take your data on a journey of cleansing, validation, and enrichment.



Learn how to create validation rules using common business expressions or custom rules, create dashboards and track progress over time.



Learn how transformations in Aperture Data Studio are set up for cleansing and organising your data through a simple drag and drop expression editor.

Deduplication and Harmonisation


Learn about how Aperture Data Studio's harmonisation capabilities help to create a single view of your customers.

Grouping and Reporting


Learn how to Group, Aggregate and Report on your data as it moves through the data management workflow.