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Experian Pandora

Tutorials and support

This series of videos takes you through our solution Experian Pandora, with a number of Tutorials around our Free Profiler and our Data Management Edition. 

You can also find a collection of Technical Support videos to help you answer any Experian Pandora Support related questions in 60 seconds or less.

Free Data Profiler

Installation Tutorial


Experian Pandora provides the next generation technology for modern data demands across key areas of Data Quality Management, Data Migration and Data Governance.


How to configure


Watch the configuration tutorial and learn how to configure the Experian Pandora Free Data Profiler to connect to SQL server, oracle and more using JDBC connection.


Automatic data profiling


Learn more about the proactive data analysis that takes place upon importing your data into the Experian Pandora Free Data Profiler.


Custom rule creation


Learn about how to create, save and apply re-usable Custom Rules to your data using the Experian Pandora Free Data Profiler. The profiler also comes with over 200 useful standard rules.


Interactive data analysis


How to investigate your data, document the findings, and perform ad-hoc data profiling.

Relationship discovery


Find out more about the ONLY tool that proactively discovers relationships and highlights risks in data sets – no more looking for problems.

Data Management Edition

Data Profiling & Data Discovery


In this tutorial we will teach you basic profiling and data discovery in Experian Pandora.


Data Monitoring & Resolution


This tutorial helps you to assess and apply business value to your data with its monitoring and resolution capabilities.


Data Standardisation and Transformation


This tutorial guides you through how to standardise data formats, regardless of the data type.

Data Enrichment and Cleansing Guide


Learn about the unique ways Experian Pandora can enrich and cleanse your data in the full version of the tool. In this example, we look at address data transformation, enrichment, standardisation and cleansing.

How to...

Experian Pandora licence key


How do I request and apply an Experian Pandora license key?


Creating a new user


How can I add a new user and set permission levels? 

"Connection refused by server"


What do I do when I see the error message ‘Connection refused by server’?


Defragment on Start-up


How do I enable defragment on start-up?


Experian Pandora log files


How can I retrieve my Experian Pandora log files?


Restarting the service


How do I restart the Experian Pandora Service?


Backing up your Experian Pandora database


How can I back up my Experian Pandora database?