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Experian Electronic Updates

Performing regular data updates is an integral part of an effective data quality strategy for any organisation. Experian datasets are released to customers at different times of the year, and in differing cycles. The Experian Electronic Updates platform allows you to access and manage your data updates online and provides a number of benefits:

  • Instant, secure, 24/7 access to the latest data - no need to wait for a disc to arrive in the post
  • Time and cost savings - let Experian Electronic Updates do the work by automatically downloading the latest data
  • A faster and more flexible approach - Experian Electronic Updates gives you the choice of updating your data automatically or manually

Ways of getting Electronic Updates

There are three ways you can use Electronic Updates to ensure your data stays up to date:

Accessing Electronic Updates

For detailed information about the URLs, ports, protocols and IP addresses that you need to whitelist on your firewall, the certificates that are required to connect to our servers, and the Electronic Updates portal and tokens, visit our Accessing Experian Electronic Updates page.

Ways of using Electronic Updates