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Accessing Experian Electronic Updates

A username and password are required to access the Electronic Updates portal, where you can manage your account and licenses, download the Windows client, access the REST API, or download and update your data manually.

A token is required to make use of the automatic download and installation of reference data used by Experian on premise applications via the Windows client or REST API.

Electronic Updates portal

How do I enable Electronic Updates?

Contact your local technical support team in order to set up an Electronic Updates account. You must have a license to use one or more Experian products. Once the account is created, a username and password will automatically be emailed to the chosen contact. We recommend that you set up a security question so that you can retrieve your password should you forget it.

If you already have an account but have lost your username or password, go to the “Forgot password” page in the Electronic Updates portal, where you can reset the password. 

What happens if the person responsible for administering Experian product at my organization changes?

Contact your local technical support team with the details of the change in personnel and a new username and password will be sent to the new contact.

My organization has two separate systems using Experian products that are maintained by different technical teams. How is this handled by Electronic Updates?

You can create more than one Electronic Updates login per organization to handle this situation. Contact your local technical support team to get this arranged.

Electronic Updates tokens

A token is required to install the Electronic Updates Windows Client, or to integrate against the REST API

A token is a series of characters used to identify a user. The token is equivalent to the username and password which you use to access the Electronic Updates portal. By using a token for Windows Client or REST API authentication, you can continue to get uninterrupted access to automated data downloads even when a password is changed or an account becomes locked. Furthermore, it is not possible for a user to get locked out by submitting an incorrect token.

You can locate your token by logging into the Electronic Updates Portal and selecting the Automatic Updates tab. However, as the token does not change unless explicitly reset (as explained below), once it is known, it is not necessary to look it up again.

How do I reset my token?

You can reset a token and generate a new one by logging into the Electronic Updates portal and navigating to Automatic Updates tab and clicking Generate a new token.

You would do this if you think that your token may have been compromised in some way. It is important to note that once a token is changed, all clients and integrations will cease to function until the token has been updated. Where a user has many clients, this may be a time-consuming process.

Downloading data

How long does it take to download data?

The data download times depend on several factors such as the speed of your internet connection and the size of the data file. It is usual for the data files to take several minutes to download, and downloading complete data packages may take significantly longer.

Connecting to Electronic Updates

Global servers

Experian Electronic Updates is based on portal websites and web services that run over HTTPS.

The Electronic Updates services are hosted in data centres located around the world and it is our aim to ensure connections to these are as fast and reliable as possible. Traffic is directed to these global data centres, and where possible users are routed to their closest data centre.

Access Requirements

Access to the Experian Electronic Updates services is over the internet using industry standard protocols and ports. In order to access these services you need to ensure that certain URLs are accessible through your IT infrastructure (i.e. firewalls). The following table outlines the access requirements necessary to make the best of the available services:

URLPortProtocolIP address 443 https,,,,,,,,,, 443 https,,,,,,,,,, 443 https 443 https 443 https,,,,,,,,,, 443 https

Please ensure your firewalls accept a connection to these servers to allow Electronic Updates to perform its required downloads.


Network account

The network account under which Electronic Updates client runs on Microsoft Windows must be able to create, change and delete files and folders on the Experian product installations on UNIX/Linux. Free software such as SAMBA can be used to achieve this.

Updating SSL Certificates

If you are getting SSL Certificate errors, your SSL certificates might have expired. You will need to update your certificates with the relevant certificate files. 

  1. Download both Entrust and GlobalSign files. 
  2. Extract the files.
  3. Install the certificates in the correct certificate stores as shown below:
  Trusted Root Intermediate Personal








For further help contact support.