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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Configure address validation

Please make sure you are in the Classic Interface.

You will need a Experian Address Validation Licence to be able to use this function.

Activate Experian Address Validation to enable end users to validate global addresses within Microsoft Dynamics 365. To do this:

1.Log into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

2.From the main dashboard drop-down menu, click Settings, and then Solutions.

3.In the All solutions window, click the Experian Data Quality for Microsoft Dynamics 365 display name to open a new window.

4.In the left panel, click Configuration.

5.In the Activation tab, check the Experian Address Validation box.

6.Fill in the In the Experian Address Validation box.

  •  License token field, enter the license token you will have been given by us.
  • From the Country drop-down menu, select the country where the addresses users will be validating resign.
  • (Optional) From the Dataset drop-down, select the dataset the addresses users will be validating are sourced from.  Only available  for countries that support different datasets.
  • (Optional) In the Number of addresses returned field, type the number of validated addresses (1-10) which should be provided for users to choose from.

7.Click Apply in the bottom-right corner.

8.Click the Close icon of the pop-up window to exit to the All Solutions Dashboard..