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Geocoding match level fields

Please make sure you are in the Classic Interface.

You will need a Experian Address Validation Licence and purchased geocoding to be able to use this function.

This optional functionality will give end users an extra level of detail on validated address data.

The Match level field will specify whether the address data pertains to a building, street, or postal code. Add the Latitude and Longitude fields  to display the coordinates of each address.

To enable the Match level field:

  1. From the left panel, click Forms (under the same entity).

  2. Click on the form you want to add the field to (e.g. Account Quick Create), which will open a new window.

  3. From the Field Explorer on the right-hand side, find the new field you created and drag and drop them into the location you want on the form.

  4. Select the field and click Change Properties from the top menu bar.

  5. In the pop-up window, ensure the Visible by default box is checked in the display tab and click OK.

  6. Click Save and then Publish.

  7. You can now close the pop-up window to get back to the customization dashboard.