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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Configure geocoding match level

Please make sure you are in the Classic Interface.

You will need a Experian Address Validation and geocoding Licence to be able to use this function.

This optional functionality will give end users an extra level of detail on validated address data.

The Match level field will specify whether the address data pertains to a building, street, or postal code. Configure the Latitude and Longitude fields  to display the coordinates of each address.

To enable the Match level field:

1.From the main dashboard drop-down menu, click Settings, then Customizations.

2.Click Customize the System, which will bring up a new window.

3.In the left panel, expand Entities, then expand the entity you want to add the fields to (e.g. Account), and click Fields under the chosen entity.

4.Click New in the top bar to create a new field

5.Fill in the new field data

  • Display name: Default label when this field is shown in a form
  • Name: This field is pre-populated based on the Display name you entered. You can change the Display Name later, but the Name can’t be changed after the field is saved. (Save the name of your new field somewhere for later, making sure to include the prefix (new_)).
  • Field Requirement: Decide the requirement level of this field ( three options are available - Optional, Recommended and Required)
  • (Optional) Searchable: When a field is searchable it appears in Advanced Find 
  • (Optional) Field Security: if you want to limit access to custom field
  • Auditing: Disable this so that data in this field won’t be included with auditing data.
  • (Optional) Description: Enter text that will appear as a tool tip.
  • (Optional) Appears in global filter in interactive experience: select if you want the field to appear in the global filter in interactive experience.
  • (Optional) Sortable in interactive experience dashboard: Select if you want the field to be sortable in the interactive experience dashboard.
  • Data Type: select Single line of text.
  • Field Type: Leave as Simple
  • Maximum Length: Leave as 100
  • IME Mode: leave as auto

6.Click Save and Close in the top menu bar.