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Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Configure validation tracking

Please make sure you are in the Classic Interface.

You will need an Experian Address, Email or Phone Validation Licence to be able to use this function.

Activate this optional functionality to store the validation results together with the validated address, emails, or phone numbers. To do this:

1.From the main dashboard drop-down menu, click Settings, then Customizations, and then Customize the System.

2.In the left panel, expand Entities, then expand the entity you want to add the fields to (e.g. Account), and click Fields under the chosen entity.

3.Click New to create a new field ⁠— one with a data type of Single line of text and one with a data type of Date and Time.

4.Save the names of your new fields somewhere for later, making sure to include the prefix (new_).

5.In the top menu bar, click Save and Close.

6.Return to the main dashboard, click Settings and then Solutions from the drop-down menu.

7.In the All Solutions window, click the Experian Data Quality for Microsoft Dynamics 365 display name to open a new window.

8.In the left panel, click Configuration.

9.In the Activation tab, check the Activate Validation Tracking box for whichever engine you have activated (Address, Email, or Phone Validation).

10.Copy and paste the names of the fields you created earlier into the relevant field, separating each one a comma.

11.Click Apply in the bottom-right corner.

12.Click the Close icon of the pop-up window to exit to the All Solutions Dashboard.