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Data quality for education

Effectively engage with students and alumni

Validate your database

When it comes to higher education, having accurate contact information is essential. Not only is it a vital part of engagement with your current students and alumni, but for future students as well. Due to increased competition within the industry, your institution needs the ability to maximize the value of each interaction.  That’s why effective communication is imperative for any institution’s integrity and reputation.

The right verification technology can help build a strong foundation for engagement. Make sure your contact information is accurate and up to date so that donation efforts, networking events, alumni workshops, sponsorship activities, and more, are set up for success. Eliminate any outdated or invalid addresses, emails, and phone numbers from your databases. That way, you can be confident time, money, and resources are effectively spent. Address verification can give you the confidence that any changes or inaccuracies within your database will be validated and up to date.

It’s no secret that people move and change their contact information everyday. Experian can help you to validate records at point of capture and overtime, so you can remain one step ahead of the competition by leveraging successful student and alumni communication. By reducing undelivered mail and emails you can be certain you are reaching the right people, at the right time. Learning how to manage your data will enable better communication for your institution.

Verifying your student or alumni contact records will enable you to:


Reduce address and email errors


Prevent wasted costs from returned mail


Decrease staff inefficiencies with easy-to-use software


Identify duplicate student records

Our data quality solutions for education:

Address verification Accurate and up-to-date student addresses allow universities to contact alumni for donation opportunities and communication updates.
Email verification Email addresses change after students graduate. Updated emails ensure that alumni communications reach the intended recipient.
Duplicate identification Eliminate duplicate records caused by human error and reduce confusion surrounding student records.
Data enhancement Pinpoint which students are most likely to pursue further education with additional data sets offered by data enhancement solutions.

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