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Instant Form Fill

With the help of Experian’s Instant Form Fill API, you can reduce friction from your online credit and loan application processes and minimize the factors leading to abandoned applications.

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Experian Instant Form Fill can reduce the amount of manual entry by 76 percent on most loan and line-of-credit applications. How? By using four pieces of information entered by a consumer (first name, last name, postal code, and SSN last four), our form filling software draws on the File One SM credit header data to pre-fill 26 individual fields of data on a typical credit or loan application. 

Experian’s Instant Form Fill API reduces the effort required by customers to complete the application process, resulting in faster completions, greater accuracy, and reduced application abandonment. Ultimately, this reduces friction from the application process so that you can provide a best-in-class user experience and improve your online conversion rates.

Combined with our trusted FraudNet technology, our e-form filling solution detects and prevents misuse by monitoring and assessing human behavior and application risk, working in concert with your existing fraud solutions. 

Meet Bob. Bob wants to apply for a credit card. He starts an application on  your website. But there is a problem. The application process is very long. And he doesn't have the energy, patience, time, to complete the application. Frustrated Bob decides to abandon the credit application. There is a better way. A simplified application process. Using only four pieces of information- first name, last name, postal code, and SSN (last 4 digits). You can automatically pre-fill many required fields. Reducing friction, accelerating credit applications, improving customer experience, and winning more business. Ready to learn more? Visit

Learn how data quality can improve your mobile experience.

The journey to a frictionless checkout experience

reduction in manual entries by the consumer during the online application process.

Reduce application abandonment
  • Input only four fields of contact data and receive 26 individual fields of data.
  • Improve completion rates by reducing the effort required to complete the application.
  • Minimize friction during form completions on any digital channels.

Accelerate online application processes

Pre-fills the majority of form fields required to complete a digital loan or line-of-credit application.

Identity and fraud verification

Experian Instant Form Fill monitors and assesses human behavior and application risk, working in concert with financial institutions’ own fraud solutions, to prevent misuse in the lending application process.

Reduced application abandonment

Promotes successful digital conversions by reducing friction from the loan or line-of-credit application process.

Full feature set
Leading in a digital-first world means staying a step ahead of changing customer expectations.

That’s where Experian Instant Form Fill comes in. Explore how our automatic form filling software will transform your credit and online application process.

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Streamline user experience and accelerate your online application process.

Today’s consumer expects the same fast and easy experiences in all aspects of their digital lives. Experian Instant Form Fill provides consumers with a frictionless and secure way to circumvent the monotony of form filling. By reducing the effort required by customers to complete the digital application process, Experian’s instant form fill API provides users with a seamless experience that is more personalized, more simple, and more accurate.