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Fraud detection: Faster than the speed of fraud

Manage all of your fraud services through one plug-and-play platform

CrossCore fraud prevention platform

Every day, new fraud detection threats emerge.

As consumers, we engage with companies across many different channels. At the same time, criminals are rapidly adapting to fraud prevention tactics and seeking to exploit the weakest links. Fraud is constantly evolving. This problem isn’t going away.

The methods by which thieves monetize stolen data are both varied and inventive. The constant evolution of services and technology require businesses to respond faster than ever before. 

Creating a customized fraud detection suite can be difficult, with so many options available on the market today. Learn more about the two most common types of fraud -- internet fraud and financial fraud by clicking on the links below. 

Learn about online fraud

Online and mobile channels are critical to businesses and their customers. They’re also very attractive to criminals. Businesses need to anticipate an increase of online fraud over time and be prepared to defend the institution and your customers.

Learn more about online fraud

What is financial fraud?

Online and mobile banking has changed the way people bank forever. Banks compete to provide their customers with an easy and convenient banking experience. However, by making banking easier for customers, we are unintentionally making it easier for fraudsters. 

Find out about financial fraud

Fraud management tips

We have identified several fraud management tips and online fraud trends to protect your financial institution and customers from fraudsters.

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Connect to CrossCore - Experian's fraud detection platform

Isn't it time you had a way to more easily manage fraud and identity solutions?

That's where we come in. Experian CrossCoreTM gives you the flexibility to plug in any fraud detection or prevention solutions you currently use and has the scalability to accommodate the ones you've yet to include.

Quickly access multiple services through one API and catch fraud before it negatively impacts you and your customers. There's no time like the present to prepare for the future.


Learn more about a better way to manage fraud prevention and identity services.


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