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Payment fraud detection

Knowledge is power - check fraud at the door

White paper: Online payment fraud

Did you know that 1 in 10 new applicants is likely to be an impostor using breached data? With new fraud schemes developing daily, it can seem impossible to detect and stop fraud.

Understand customer behavior

Both marketing and fraud teams have access to a tremendous amount of data. Coupling this information to verify identities will increase the accuracy of your credit fraud detection.

An approach as nimble as fraudsters

Provide your fraud mitigation team access to all your fraud systems from a single platform so they can optimize decisions across multiple sources, control data used and apply client-specific rules for credit fraud detection.

Identity relationship management

Link people, places and things for a dynamic, context-based strategy to drastically increase confidence throughout the user or customer life-cycle.

Learn more about financial fraud

Financial fraud

Financial compliance



Risk management

Payment fraud detection is possible. Don’t let the speed of fraud threaten your business.

Detecting fraud in our ever-evolving world takes a culture change. Remove the silos between internal functions. Remember your overarching goal to detect fraud and positively impact the bottom line. First, cleanse your data. Then make the most of it. Data is an invaluable asset in the defense of your organization – if it is accurate and leveraged for fraud detection.


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