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Flexible fraud prevention

Discover Experian CrossCore TM—A better way to manage fraud.

Case study: Four fraud challenges

An intelligent fraud prevention platform


CrossCore is an open plug-and-play platform designed to improve business operations across the entire landscape of fraud and identification services. Access the cloud-based tool using a flexible API.


One log in. One program. Every tool in your arsenal working together to fight fraud. Our smart, plug-and-play platform allows you to easily add services using a single integration whether they're yours, ours, or from a third-party.


Respond quickly, improve decision-making abilities, and remove red tape to provide holistic protection. Monitor and react to security alerts in real time and protect your business and your customers from fraudulent attacks.

The security you want. The adaptability you need. Create a truly custom platform that helps your business fight fraud with ease.

Fraud management is a lot like chess. Organizations make moves to protect their systems. Fraudsters spend time learning to exploit those systems. Organizations acquire new tools to adapt. The cycle never seems to end. 

Financial institutions and large organizations who have been in the business of fighting fraud for years tend to find themselves having amassed a large collection of applications, operating systems, and file management systemscreating a poor chain of custody and a complicated mess of log-ins and user accounts. 

CrossCore is the first smart, plug-and-play platform for identity and fraud services that connects all of your tools through one integration. Learn more about this revolutionary SaaS system by clicking on the video to your right.

Introducing CrossCore

Fraud is always changing. You have to keep adding fraud and identity products to stay on top of new threats and compliance. The trouble is, it's hard to add new products. Each one brings more complexity, and while they may be serving a purpose individually, they aren't efficient at working together. That means more time and expense for you. And more friction for your customers. So what if -- you could make it easier to add and connect your capabilities onto the same platform saving you time and money while keeping your customers happy. Enter, Experian CrossCore. A platform that will transform the way you manage fraud and identity services. CrossCore is the first open, smart, plug-and-play platform designed to connect any of your fraud and identity solutions. That’s right. Your own. Ours. Even third party services. Providing common access through a flexible API and with built in strategy and workflow capabilities. With its simple plug-and-play design, CrossCore allows you to more quickly and easily add products to the mix so new products work with your existing ones without skipping a beat. One sign on. One platform. Your services working together. Streamlining the process makes it easy for you to respond quickly, improve decision control, and reduce complexity. Choose what you need, when you need it. With the confidence you want for every transaction. Its time to make fraud and identity solutions work better for everyone. Connect to a better way. Connect to CrossCore. 

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Effective fraud management is about making the customer journey easy and fraud inroads hard. Fraud intelligence gives you the insight to detect the most sophisticated fraud attempts from every direction. 

The CrossCore fraud management platform can help you streamline effortsproviding a single sign on to one unified, cloud-based application that connects all of your fraud fighting tools. 

Our SaaS system will help you cut costs, improve processes, and increase efficiency so you can focus on fighting fraud and protecting your business and your customers.