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Data quality free trial FAQ

Frequently asked questions from our customers

Get started

Setting up your free trial

I haven't received an activation email.

Check your inbox for emails from You can also request a new activation email here. If you're still having issues, please give us a call at (888) 727-8822.

My activation link has expired.

The activation link expires 90 days from the day it was sent to you. You can register for another free trial activation link by using a different email address or by calling us at (888) 727-8822.

What's the integration code?

The integration code is a unique code that we will provide to you. You will get access to this code once you complete the registration and activate your account. Once this integration code is placed into your website and published, emails will start being validated in real-time.

Can I use my integration code on multiple pages?

Yes, as long as it’s for the same form. For example, if you have the same contact form (e.g. a contact form for creating an account) on more than one page, you can use your unique integration code in all the pages that contain this form.

What if my web page is not public?

Not to worry, you can still integrate our real-time email validation. Simply paste your form’s HTML code instead of the URL and we’ll provide you with the unique integration code.

Where can I find my form's HTML code?

Right-click on the web page containing your contact form and select “View page source” (or “View source”) from the menu. Copy and paste the code for your page and we’ll identify all the forms on that page.

Alternatively, you can also copy the code for the form you want to use, starting with the <form> and ending with the </form> tags.

Note: There is a limit of 1MB  on the HTML markup size that you can upload.  Please upload the forms section of your HTML rather than the entire HTML page to stay within the limit. 

How do I know if my integration is working?

You can test if your integration is working from the dashboard by selecting the “Test integration” button.  If you still have questions, please call us at (888) 727-8822.

Using your free trial

When does my 14-day free trial start?

The free trial starts from the day you activate your account. If you have registered but haven’t received an activation email, you can request a new one. If you’re still having issues, please give us a call at (888) 727-8822.

Do all validations count towards my 500 record limit?

No. If the email address is identified as “unknown” by our validation service or the request has timed out, we will not deduct it from the 500 free trial limit.

I need more time / additional validations. Can I extend my trial?

Extensions are not available through the automated set-up process.  If you need more time or validations, please call us at (888) 727-8822.

How do I purchase a license to keep using the software beyond the trial?

Please call us at (888) 727-8822 to discuss pricing and licensing.

Other Experian Data Quality Services

Do you provide an API for your Email Validation service?

Yes, we offer an API.  At this time it is not available as an automated free trial, but you can learn more about how our email validation API would work in your environment by calling us at (888) 727-8822.

I have a list of emails I would like to validate. Can I use this service?

The free trial service is intended more for validating emails captured through forms in real time.  If you wish to validate a list of emails instead, you can do so for a list of up to 1 million emails using our email cleaning solution.  If you have more than 1 million records you want validated, or have other questions about validating a list of emails, please call us at (888) 727-8822.   

Do you offer free trials for other Experian Data Quality solutions or services?

Yes, most of our products offer a free trial period to help you determine whether or not they are a good fit for your organization.  If you are interested in trialing other Experian Data Quality products, please call us at (888) 727-8822.  

Security and Performance

Where are Experian Data Quality’s products hosted?

Experian hosts our products in Experian data centers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Experian data centers contain hardware and operating systems supplied by, managed by, and supported by Experian IT Services (EITS) and Experian Data Quality.

How does Experian Data Quality ensure the security of data during transmission?

All data transmission is encrypted and uses HTTPS. It is secured for HTTPS via 128-bit SSL/TLS 2048-bit SHA2 certificates from a trusted Certificate Authority.

Does Experian Data Quality store my data?

Our products store data for 60 days from the date you first enter data into our system. Data is never shared or used for anything other than reviewing product performance, product accuracy, and delivering the service to customers. All data is encrypted at rest.

What is Experian Data Quality’s Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

The service availability target is 99.9 percent. This is measured monthly from outages monitored and tracked by Experian Data Quality, which occurs within the service hours over a calendar month. The service availability is calculated as follows:

(A – B)/A x 100 = % availability where:

A = Service Hours

B = Outage

The availability of the customer’s network is not included in the Service availability calculation above. Outages do not include the time when an internet service provider (ISP) is unresponsive or unable to be contacted to validate the email addresses as requested by the customer. Outages also exclude any planned maintenance.

What is the average response time for validations?

Response times can vary according to internet latency and network configuration.  Most responses are less than 1 second as measured from the point when they hit Experian Data Quality’s servers to being returned to your application.