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Batch processes


A generic batch process is one in which data is handled en masse rather than record-by-record.

Batch processes are useful for handling repetitive tasks or large volumes of data because they can run automatically in the background without too much human intervention.

Batch address verification products are designed to clean address data stored in lists or databases. Batch software is a functional choice of an address management product for companies that compile lists from sources where they have no control over data entry.

The product works automatically and interactively to:

  • Correct address errors
  • Flag bad addresses that cannot be matched automatically
  • Standardize addresses, including CASS™ certification, etc.

The interactive functionality of batch address verification software enables companies to salvage more addresses than an automatic process can, which in turn enables companies to save more money on postage and increase customer satisfaction.

However, many companies find that verifying addresses during data entry and performing batch data cleaning on the back-end produces the best results.

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