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Local government

Address quality compliance is a crucial component of effectively running local government operations. Managing data governance guarantees that addresses are accurate and deliverable, ensuring that critical documents like warrants, court pages and permits reach recipients on the first attempt.

Local government agencies, including tax and revenue offices, parks and recreations departments, and sheriff and court administrations, use Experian Data Quality software to aid their address quality compliance strategy. By spending time managing address quality, local government agencies are able to:

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Meet all compliance standards
  • Focus on service deliverability
  • Better allocate and collect tax funds

Address verification tools do more than just ensure accurate contact information for constituents. Removing the possibility of inaccurate information capture helps local government agencies meet compliance standards, increase operational efficiencies and help reduce rework.

Address verification Address verification aids local agencies in their quest to improve efficiencies while reducing back-end rework.
NCOA® software NCOA® software updates address data against the latest move lists to ensure addresses are always up to date in order to ensure compliance.

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